Thinking of Heaven

Gpa wore green today but I forgot until we were in the car.  I didn’t want to take the time to go back in the house.  I’m so glad that the places we went, no one pointed out my deficiency or pinched me.

I did buy some tomato plants from the community garden sale so I would have used being green as my defense.

For dinner Gpa chose to have pumpkin added to his oatmeal to taste like pie.  His other choice was peanut butter.  He thought a moment and chose wisely.

He told me it tasted like Heaven and made him love me.  I told him I love him, too.  I teared up.  These are the moments that are super special and make all the hardness of this time worth it.

Later, when he was back in his easy chair, he asked me to take him to Heaven.  I told him I couldn’t do that.  He said sure you can, you just take me by the arm and lead me there.

UM, no, I’m the one voting for him to stay here until he’s 105 or more to beat his sister’s record.

The last understandable thing my grandmother said when she died was, “there’s papa.”  So I’m sure Gpa will have someone he loves guide him home.  I would not be surprised if it isn’t his wife and he’s just getting us mixed up.  I hope he doesn’t follow her anytime soon.

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