Gpa and the Hunger Games

At one point when I was reading the Hunger Games, I told my daughter they were like the draft.  I am thankful that we do not have the draft but we have in the past.

Gpa’s father and brother did not have to go to war because they were farmer’s. Gpa’s number came up and his boss at the weather bureau put in an exemption and it was granted.

Gpa never went to war. Too young for WWI, exempted for WWII and now too old.

He was so proud when John joined the Marines.  He said John was the first one in the family to serve.  I had to disagree.  The government considered farming and Gpa’s work with the weather bureau important enough for them to stay stateside.

Gena went to the midnight showing.  Gpa and I’ll wait until the movie is on the dollar movie as I’d like to see it on the big screen.  Unless there are some western scenes, he’ll most likely sleep through it.



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