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All the Pretty Maids, He Likes Them All

Even though the activities director told me that Gpa was upset with her for not letting him wander off, Gpa had a good day.

He was able to ‘tell’ on the activities director to his favorite worker.  She has long dark hair and I’ve seen him flirt with her.

The activities director said he’d probably tell me all about it on the way home.   I think it hurt her feelings.

I assured her that he would not remember when he got in the car.

I was right.  He perked right up and enjoyed the ride home.

I was watching a show I had DVR’d when my sister called.  So I paused it.  As she was sharing about her day, I noticed Gpa blowing kisses at the screen.  I had paused in the middle of a shampoo commercial.  The woman had long dark hair.

After blowing many kisses, he said something I didn’t catch as I was listening to my sister.  Then he asked, “Can you hear me?”

So I answered, “yes.”

“I can see you.  Can you see me?”


He was so happy.  He never took his eyes off the screen. Then the screen saver came on.  He fell asleep.

Later, I told him I wanted to take him to the bathroom.  I must remember not to call it that.  He said, ‘Oh yes, I’ll bathe you and then you can bathe me.”

Well, I really only wanted him to use the toilet. (seems so crass to say it that way but I suppose it’s better than being propositioned)


The tricky part lately is that Gpa would love to go for a ride.  That’s it.  A ride.  Not to get someplace and do something.

Or he’d like to be at home.  But not for the whole day.  He gets restless and starts looking for Ralph or something to eat every hour on the hour.

Today we had lunch at the garden and it looked like most of his went on the floor.  That happens sometimes.  So we got home,  I gave him a cup of coffee and a cookie.  He took a nap til almost 6pm and I fixed him oatmeal.

When Gena got home, we decided to order pizza.  The three of us sat at the table and ate.  With everyone’s schedules being different, we don’t get to sit together and eat at the table.  I really like it when we do.


When He Falls

This morning I heard Gpa get up at 5:30.  Then before I could get up, I heard him fall.  I got into the kitchen as fast as I could.  He was on the floor but his walker was in his room.

“What happened?”

“I fell.”

OK I’ll never know exactly what happened.  We got him on his knees and then up.  I checked him over and asked the standard questions to make sure there wasn’t head injury.

Later we went to the Community garden for breakfast (second one for Gpa) the ladies there told me that if I can’t get Gpa up, I can call 911 and have firemen get him up.

Whew, good to know.

We rested most of the afternoon and then went to Juggle class.  He even threw a bean bag some.

And as always his favorite parts of the day was driving in the car.  It makes him so happy to be in the car.

Great Day at Day Care

Gpa has been worried about me leaving him places so I wasn’t sure how today would go.  However, I’ve been able to keep him happy when I leave him at day care with the promise of coffee on the way.

I got so much done but then thought.  OH NO!  I could have had a nap and a bath instead.  Oh well.  maybe next time.

When I picked him up, he was looking for his room.  He didn’t want to go home with me.  He thought he was home and was looking for his room.  I let him make another lap and talked to the activity director.  Today Gpa played Bingo, Candyland and then lined up and counted Checkers.  Sounds like a great day to me.

On his way around again, the activity director and I were able to divert his path to go to the car.   He was so worried about not remembering how he got their.  I kept repeating that we drove.  Didn’t help.

So when we got home, I wrote the posted note.  It worked great and he read it several times while I fixed dinner.  I am so glad he can read my writing.

I was able to get him to go with me to the community garden after dinner and finish what I was doing on the left hand path.  I now only have the front path to sift, paper/cardboard and wood chip.  I’ll be ready for the plant sale on Sat!!  The garden is looking great and I feel like I’m now on or a bit ahead of schedule.

He got tired of waiting for me and wanted to get in the car.  I didn’t want him in the car yet and wouldn’t unlock it.  He made a lap around the car and then sat by the passenger door.  When I took the last load of wood chips to the path, I encouraged him to come with me and he just waved me off disgustedly.

But oh was he so happy when I finally did unlock the door!  He’s asleep in his bed now and I got a great hot shower.  I would have to bet that he’ll sleep through the night tonight.  And if he doesn’t I will!




What Were You DOING?

OK back at home safe and sound.  Glad to go, glad to be back home.

It is interesting that Gpa was dry all night by getting up every 2 hours on his own to go to the bathroom while we were out of town.

Now that we are back home.  It’s wake up at 2am wet to get everything changed.

I’m not sure why I didn’t have the jacket on him.  Oh, yeah.  All of his jackets were dirty and the day was warm so I put a long sleeved corduroy shirt and a vest.  Since the vest was dirty at bedtime.  I took it off.

Bad Bad Bad idea.  I have no clue why it happened but as you can see from the picture, Gpa tried to take the shirt of all by himself.  He didn’t even try to unbutton.  He would only nod and say yes to anything I said about the shirt.

I do not have the energy to try to fix this!  Next time I buy him shirts, I’m getting snaps.




Road Trip – Day 5 Homeward Bound

We didn’t have to repeatedly tell Gpa that we were going home.  He was so happy.  He watched out the window until he fell asleep.  At one point he jerked awake and asked what we were doing.  I had to get Vickie to interpret.  I just couldn’t make out what he was saying and drive at the same time.


Gpa we are going home. He smiled real big and looked out the window.

He likes to tell me I’m a good driver.  I tell him, “You are a good passenger.  I am glad you are going.”

The only other thing to report is that Vickie left her pillow in the car when we dropped her off.  It wasn’t until I was down the road when I caught it’s pinkness out of the corner of my eye.  Oops.

Later she said she could pick it up on Sunday.

Oh, here’s some of the chocolate I got in my goody bag.  The man (stress ball thing)that was in the goody bag  is hanging out with Javier at Demetante, the little bar that Gpa made.

Road Trip – Day 4

Today was a big day.  A table read at noon and then the award ceremony. Both potentially boring for Gpa.

About 9 am I realized that the table read starts at the same time Gpa will be wanting lunch.  So we left for Kansas City early to eat at a hamburger place that has been around since the 40’s. Yum.

The table read was great and the mikes were loud enough to reach us in the back row.  Gpa didn’t complain once.  How nice.  The finalists got called to the stage for flowers and pictures.  I’m so glad family was there to keep Gpa happy while I was busy.

We went back to Jean’s until time for the award ceremony.

The award ceremony’s left something to be desired and this isn’t because I didn’t win.  It was sad that many of the awardees were not there to receive their recognition. If they had been, they would have been brought to the stage.

When it was our turn, the finalists were all brought on stage. That was fun but Vickie said when I left, Gpa came unglued.  I’m sorry for that.

I am determined that I will get the piece made even though I didn’t win.  All the finalists were invited to submit their finished films for next years festival.

When we were leaving, Gpa told me to sit in the chair and he’d push.  Um, no thank you.  Had to talk a bit to get him to sit down.

Then we saw one of the judges and I wanted to ask about what could have made the script better.  When I introduced Gpa to the judge, Gpa patted his leg and told me to sit down.

Oh, Gpa!  How do I explain to him he has nothing to be jealous of?

Road Trip – Day 3

Today was devoted to being with family.  I don’t know if I’d call it a family reunion, it wasn’t as big as the ones we’ve had the in the past.  However, we did have a great re-uniting with family we haven’t seen from a couple of years to a decade or more.

One cousin who married a military man has just moved back into the area.  Seeing her and her family was a nice surprise.

At one point Gpa wanted to leave and from then on a regular basis.  So we ended up in the garage where he could see the car.  The kids were already there playing Uno.  And after a period of time.  The whole party was in the garage.

I got tickled that the Aunt whose home we were in, was out of town.  Seems like we never really grow up.

This weekend was full of tornadoes, warnings and watches.  There was a lot of weather talk.  I prayed that we would not have to stop the car and convince Gpa to get out of the car to lie in a ditch.  I’m not sure what I’d say to get Gpa to comply.

We were fortunate and had only some rain and high winds to deal with.

At one point I asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom.  (I keep forgetting he thinks I’m asking if he wants a bath, not use the toilet.)

He replied he didn’t want a bath, but I could take one.  Then he said he’d like to watch.

I turned bright red.

Gpa knows how to be the life of the party!


Road Trip Day 2

My cousin graciously offered to  show us where the workshop would be held during our running around.

First we went to some quilt shops that my sister had found on-line.  It took the three of us to get Gpa in and out of the shops.  Then we had some great home-style cooking for lunch at a local restaurant.

After locating the workshop we visited a museum that contained the items that were on a paddle boat that sank.  It was very interesting and Gpa was able to enjoy it as well.

We heard the story of Frozen Charlotte and thought it was sad and bizarre that there would be a Frozen Charlotte doll to commemorate the story.  It was a little porcelain doll. It looked a little like a Kewpie Doll but it had a little porcelain cap.  I wonder if it had a fabric outfit on that deteriorated in the water.

And I wish I had thought to ask the ladies at the museum store, if they had found someone already producing the doll or had they commissioned a company to do it.


Road Trip Day 1

Gpa was so excited to be in the car that he sat and enjoyed.  Until about 4pm.  Then he told me that we had gone a couple of hundred miles and needed to turn around to get home before dark.

I reminded him we are on vacation and he said he wished he’d known!

He has people at church waiting on him and he was meeting with Ralph.

I did my best to calm him down.

I did not turn around.