Tornadoes and Dementia

We had a bit of an adventure yesterday with the Texas weather.

It was just a bit cloudy in the morning and I wanted to get the oil changed and then go to harvest at the community garden.

So we did.

We stayed after to give an impromptu juggling lesson/demonstration.  It started to rain so Becky said to stay for lunch.

Before we could eat, the siren’s went off.  Gpa and I ended up in the men’s bathroom, everyone else went into the vestment room.

I sat on the toilet and then pulled Gpa and his chair in after me.  I think he was confused about what we were doing.  I texted friends and family to let them know we were ok.

Gpa told me he was hungry and started listing food.



chocolate cake.


made me hungry too.  I thought about lunch sitting in the next room waiting for us and the all clear.

I hadn’t grabbed the cushions that Becky had given us so I put them on our heads.  They were cushions off the back of a love seat. Not easy to balance.  I can tell you Gpa had an opinion on this!  HAHA.

soon the all clear was sounded and we came out and had a hearty lunch.  Two helpings each.

when the rain died down, we loaded up and went home.

The dogs and the house were OK.

I was very thankful.

I did cancel the juggling class.  I just didn’t want to get out and about again.  I watched some news to see what had happened.

We were very blessed that all we had to do was hang out for a while in the bathroom.   No flying around in cars for us!

Whew.  And we still have a few more months of tornado season.

Hang on to your hats!

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  • letstalkaboutfamily  On April 4, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    I’m glad you are OK. I spent a lot of time in the basement when I lived in an area with tornado watches and warnings. I had the children,s toys down there too. Be safe.

    • nothousebound  On April 4, 2012 at 7:56 pm

      Thank you! We just bought some flash cards for a car trip. I may put them in my bag to keep with us at all times.

  • letstalkaboutfamily  On April 4, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    Yes, I tend to worry a lot. So I always kept things I might need downstairs where they would be handy.

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