A New Trend

Gpa roams in the night.  Most often I get up and help him get a cookie or go to the bathroom.  The other night, I thought he had slept so well, but it was I slept through his roamings.

He found a razor and shaved his face.  However, the razor is dull and he only got the hair around his mouth.  It looks like a reverse goatee.

I took some pictures today.  He was not cooperative so all I got was silly expressions.


Gpa in the car


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  • terry1954  On April 8, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    my brother has dementia and parkinson. the other nite he got up thinking it was morning and looking all over for his medications. he was so mad at me cuz he thought i hadn’t given them to him at supper? i use a baby monitor now

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