A New Haircut, A New You!

OK, I have been way past due to get my hair done.  The last time  I got my hair cut/colored was in August.  As my hair grew out, it was easier to just pin it back and pull it into a pony tail or knot.

A friend of my daughter’s recommended a stylist.  I told him I was tired of pinning my hair back and needed something easy to care for.

A lot of hair was cut off and I got some highlights.

I didn’t think about it but the change could confuse Gpa.

And it did.  Or maybe it was picking him up after 5pm.

He didn’t want to go home with me.  He was even willing to give up eating and a ride!  So I sat down next to him and tried a different approach.  He finally agreed to go with me.  During the ride, he kept wanting to talk about how much he owed.

I told him he didn’t own anything.

I told him  he had set it up with the bank to pay me.

I told him he owed me zero. He didn’t know what that was.

I told him he owed me $1.

He said that can’t be right and said maybe $21.

I said OK.

Then he said, $10.

What? what made him lower his offer?

Oh, well.




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