Road Trip – Day 3

Today was devoted to being with family.  I don’t know if I’d call it a family reunion, it wasn’t as big as the ones we’ve had the in the past.  However, we did have a great re-uniting with family we haven’t seen from a couple of years to a decade or more.

One cousin who married a military man has just moved back into the area.  Seeing her and her family was a nice surprise.

At one point Gpa wanted to leave and from then on a regular basis.  So we ended up in the garage where he could see the car.  The kids were already there playing Uno.  And after a period of time.  The whole party was in the garage.

I got tickled that the Aunt whose home we were in, was out of town.  Seems like we never really grow up.

This weekend was full of tornadoes, warnings and watches.  There was a lot of weather talk.  I prayed that we would not have to stop the car and convince Gpa to get out of the car to lie in a ditch.  I’m not sure what I’d say to get Gpa to comply.

We were fortunate and had only some rain and high winds to deal with.

At one point I asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom.  (I keep forgetting he thinks I’m asking if he wants a bath, not use the toilet.)

He replied he didn’t want a bath, but I could take one.  Then he said he’d like to watch.

I turned bright red.

Gpa knows how to be the life of the party!


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