Road Trip – Day 4

Today was a big day.  A table read at noon and then the award ceremony. Both potentially boring for Gpa.

About 9 am I realized that the table read starts at the same time Gpa will be wanting lunch.  So we left for Kansas City early to eat at a hamburger place that has been around since the 40’s. Yum.

The table read was great and the mikes were loud enough to reach us in the back row.  Gpa didn’t complain once.  How nice.  The finalists got called to the stage for flowers and pictures.  I’m so glad family was there to keep Gpa happy while I was busy.

We went back to Jean’s until time for the award ceremony.

The award ceremony’s left something to be desired and this isn’t because I didn’t win.  It was sad that many of the awardees were not there to receive their recognition. If they had been, they would have been brought to the stage.

When it was our turn, the finalists were all brought on stage. That was fun but Vickie said when I left, Gpa came unglued.  I’m sorry for that.

I am determined that I will get the piece made even though I didn’t win.  All the finalists were invited to submit their finished films for next years festival.

When we were leaving, Gpa told me to sit in the chair and he’d push.  Um, no thank you.  Had to talk a bit to get him to sit down.

Then we saw one of the judges and I wanted to ask about what could have made the script better.  When I introduced Gpa to the judge, Gpa patted his leg and told me to sit down.

Oh, Gpa!  How do I explain to him he has nothing to be jealous of?

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