What Were You DOING?

OK back at home safe and sound.  Glad to go, glad to be back home.

It is interesting that Gpa was dry all night by getting up every 2 hours on his own to go to the bathroom while we were out of town.

Now that we are back home.  It’s wake up at 2am wet to get everything changed.

I’m not sure why I didn’t have the jacket on him.  Oh, yeah.  All of his jackets were dirty and the day was warm so I put a long sleeved corduroy shirt and a vest.  Since the vest was dirty at bedtime.  I took it off.

Bad Bad Bad idea.  I have no clue why it happened but as you can see from the picture, Gpa tried to take the shirt of all by himself.  He didn’t even try to unbutton.  He would only nod and say yes to anything I said about the shirt.

I do not have the energy to try to fix this!  Next time I buy him shirts, I’m getting snaps.




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