The tricky part lately is that Gpa would love to go for a ride.  That’s it.  A ride.  Not to get someplace and do something.

Or he’d like to be at home.  But not for the whole day.  He gets restless and starts looking for Ralph or something to eat every hour on the hour.

Today we had lunch at the garden and it looked like most of his went on the floor.  That happens sometimes.  So we got home,  I gave him a cup of coffee and a cookie.  He took a nap til almost 6pm and I fixed him oatmeal.

When Gena got home, we decided to order pizza.  The three of us sat at the table and ate.  With everyone’s schedules being different, we don’t get to sit together and eat at the table.  I really like it when we do.


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  • terry1954  On April 26, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    that is good that you have people you can interact with while you go through the caring of gpa.

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