All the Pretty Maids, He Likes Them All

Even though the activities director told me that Gpa was upset with her for not letting him wander off, Gpa had a good day.

He was able to ‘tell’ on the activities director to his favorite worker.  She has long dark hair and I’ve seen him flirt with her.

The activities director said he’d probably tell me all about it on the way home.   I think it hurt her feelings.

I assured her that he would not remember when he got in the car.

I was right.  He perked right up and enjoyed the ride home.

I was watching a show I had DVR’d when my sister called.  So I paused it.  As she was sharing about her day, I noticed Gpa blowing kisses at the screen.  I had paused in the middle of a shampoo commercial.  The woman had long dark hair.

After blowing many kisses, he said something I didn’t catch as I was listening to my sister.  Then he asked, “Can you hear me?”

So I answered, “yes.”

“I can see you.  Can you see me?”


He was so happy.  He never took his eyes off the screen. Then the screen saver came on.  He fell asleep.

Later, I told him I wanted to take him to the bathroom.  I must remember not to call it that.  He said, ‘Oh yes, I’ll bathe you and then you can bathe me.”

Well, I really only wanted him to use the toilet. (seems so crass to say it that way but I suppose it’s better than being propositioned)

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