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Memory Blocker

I hate that when Gpa goes into the bathroom, he looks in the mirror and sighs.  Or makes an ‘old man’ comment.

So I looked through my fabric stash and found a pretty print to cover the mirror.

He still looks towards the mirror when he first walks in, but the sighs and comments have ended.

I was singing ‘You are My Sunshine’ while I waited for him to finish his business and he sang the last bit with me.

I’ve also started reading Hank the Cowdog to him.  I read it with a southern accent.  That’s how Hank talks you know.  He seems to be listening.  He does like cowboy stories. I’m not sure what he thinks about murder mysteries.  Even if it was a chicken.



Short Term Memory

Gpa put himself to bed the other night.  He just got up an went.  He didn’t turn on his light.  I didn’t change that when I went to bed.

Last night he got up and came across the room to tell me that he was going to bed and it was nice seeing me.  So I told him I’d walk him to his door.  He told me that he’d like to have the light left on so he could see to sleep.  Then he smiled.

I love his sense of humor but I also think, he was remembering the light off the night before.  I’m glad he has some retention.

Once in the night, I tried to help him in the bathroom, he was at the door and he told me that he could do it himself and shut the door.  I was nervous about what kind of mess he might make, but I didn’t push it.  He did fine and went back to bed.  Whew.

I hope you are having a great holiday.

Time for a Shake Down

Not only has Gpa been taking spoons to his room, I’ve noticed there is a dish towel under the bed.  I’ve heard the drawers open and close at night.  No telling what he is doing.  Time to search and return things to where they belong.

But not today.  I had a back treatment yesterday and I’m moving real slow.  Today is a day he goes today care and I’ll get him ready presently and go.

This morning he got up at 5 a.m. hungry.  I fed him.  He went back to his room and came back to the kitchen at 6:30.  hungry.

Well, since I was fixing my breakfast, I gave him a second one.

I may come back home and take a nap.

We have the neighborhood crime watch meeting tonight.  The first one.  

I hope you have a great day.

As Old as You Feel

I am wondering if attending church isn’t aging Gpa.  He wrote last week that he was 6 hundred.  This week he wrote a million!  Church isn’t that bad, it isn’t even that long.

I don’t know if he’s thinking of the coffee and treat we get afterwards.  Could be.

Today he told the day care lady he was 75.  Good to hear he’s feeling younger, or it could be he was flirting with her and thought 75 was better than a million.

Oh he wrote that I am a suet girl.  I’m sure he meant

million years

million years

Suet girl
Suet girl

but it reminded me of something.  Sometime in the 90’s. The year not his age.  He remembered that his mother made suet pudding.  Oh how fondly he remembered this treat.  So he hunted down a recipe and obtained the ingredients.  He cooked it right up.  I can’t remember if he offered to share for if he did.  NONE of us took him up on the offer. How good can fat pudding be?

All he would say after he ate it was it wasn’t like he remembered it. I’m sure Momma’s love was the thing that made the childhood treat so good.

One and One Hundred Birthdays

Miss June celebrated her first birthday today.  Gpa and I were invited and went.  The party was over an hour away.  He enjoyed the ride and when we were about there, he said, “We’ve been going quite a while.”

I replied, “Yes, we are going to a birthday party.”

“Are you sure I’m invited?”

“Yes, June went to your birthday and you are invited to her’s.”

A 5-year-old girl sat with Gpa and I and she was shocked that he spit, even though I told her he would.  She said, “You should not spit food at a party.”  I told her she is right but Gpa has only 4 teeth and it is hard for him to eat sometimes.

She got up and left her piece unattended.  Gpa ate it.

She saw some decorations that had 1st on it.  She asked, “What is 1 street?”

We stayed until he was ready to go.  I think we were the first people to leave.  We did get to eat pizza, cake and ice cream but not see the presents opened.  I had made the mistake of parking the car where he could see it.

Miss June and Gpa had a great time smiling and waving at each other.  They are both messy pizza eaters.  Though the two times June’s mom tried to take a picture of them together June got upset and cried.  So don’t believe everything you see.

Miss June came to Gpa’s 100th birthday party. They sat on opposite ends of the table and flirted.  I don’t know if she remembers that at all, it was half her life ago.

She is definitely invited to Gpa’s 101th party.

Gotta love kids, birthdays, and Gpa’s.



Bible Study Notes

Gpa used to draw stick figures in church when I got restless.  I’ve been utilizing the bulletin as well.  Last night at Bible study, he was ready to leave before it was over.  I passed him the note sheet and gave him a pen.

If you look on the lower right hand corner, you’ll see a tick mark and a circle.  He made the tic mark and indicated that it was me.  Then he drew the circle and indicated it was him.

I wrote, “Hello, George.”

“Ha ha yo”

“How are you?”

Bible Study notes

Bible Study notes


“How Old?”

“Six Hundred Years.”


Was it Bible study that aged him?

There is a pot luck after so Gpa had 2 dinners.  I fixed his oatmeal at 5 and then let him have a plate of food at the pot luck.

Before he went to bed, he asked if he had missed dinner.  He was surprised to hear he had eaten twice.

I don’t think I convinced him though.



Coffee Rorschach test

 I took the trash out and as I return, I hear Gpa spill his coffee.  Though he denies the mess is his, he is the only one at the table.

He grabbed a rag to clean it up.  I stopped him so I could take a picture.  My daughter asked why?  If I don’t take a picture and see this as other than a rotten way to start the day, I’ll have a rotten day.

So I’ll look at it as art, take a picture and be thankful that he cleaned up after himself.

Rorschach test

Rorschach test

A Part of the Neighborhood

I came home the other day and there were two rose bushes in the front room.  The only thing my daughter said about them was they were for the yard and I got to pick where they would go.

Since the dogs have been insistent on digging in the back, I chose the front yard.  Once we got them planted I realized that many of the people on the block have planted roses.  I feel like a part of the neighborhood!

She got one of those portable screen doors that have a row of magnets down the middle and installed it!  This was my Mother’s Day gift. Oh how nice.  Now  I can have the back door open and not worry about the flies getting in.  And the dogs can come and go



as they please.

She let me have my birthday present early.  It’s a dog exercise pen that she put around the garden.  Oh happy day!   The dogs have not been able to dig in the garden.

The plants have been growing and there is a tomato on the vine.

When I ask Gpa about his garden, he tells me he grew plants!  Oh how I wish to ask him about these things earlier.



A Clean Canvas

It is a good thing to have people over on a regular basis. Otherwise the house wouldn’t get the attention it should.

Though my sister will tell you that there are times my back overrides the clean house for company rule.  

Yesterday a friend and her son came over, the back felt fine and the house got cleaned.  

The den is vacuumed and the vinyl floors are clean.  So Gpa has a clean canvas for his next coffee spill art.

That is why it is so hard to get motivated to clean.  The very next meal which is in a couple of hours will find the kitchen floor decorated and when the dogs get to hang out in the den, we’ll get a light coating of hair.

But for a few moments, it does look good!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Rainy Day Project

This morning, it has been rainy and overcast.  If I don’t keep Gpa occupied, he’ll nap or spend the day wanting to eat.  So today I found out how the community garden would like newspaper for the worms.

Ah, tear in strips is fine.

I grabbed the papers and a box.  The first piece I gave to Gpa, he read!  And he laughed.  It was an ad and said, Imagine your home if it was organized.  He folded it up and put it in his jacket.

I gave him another piece of paper and grabbed one myself.  I showed him to tear it.  It took a couple of times and then he got it.  We had a great time tearing paper and filling the box.

We’ll take it to the garden after juggling class today.

I hope the worms enjoy!  Bon Appetit!