A Frog in the Garden

The frog was in the plants that were being prepped.  So we had to take a picture.  Then I looked at the expression and he made me think of Gpa.  That’s what Gpa looks like when we are at the garden.

Yesterday we went to the garden to harvest, but there isn’t anything to harvest.   We are in between the plants production.  So we worked in the Just Greens garden for the food pantry.  Rows of peppers, okra and the like.  It was cloudy and we needed to get mulch down, leaves then hay.

Gpa wasn’t too happy I was on the other end of the row.  He tried to skootch to the car.  I finally pushed him to the end I was at.  He was a bit mollified. But he got to telling me that he didn’t know what was wrong with him.  He didn’t know where he lived.  I told him I did and would make sure he would get home.

Then I realized, he’s never been in this part of the garden so I took a break and spent some time with him.  Later Bertha said she’d follow him as he skoothed.  She’s been a health care giver so I said OK.

Boy did we get a lot done.  The garden looks great.  Gpa had a good nap and was ready for lunch when I checked in with him.

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