Rainy Day Project

This morning, it has been rainy and overcast.  If I don’t keep Gpa occupied, he’ll nap or spend the day wanting to eat.  So today I found out how the community garden would like newspaper for the worms.

Ah, tear in strips is fine.

I grabbed the papers and a box.  The first piece I gave to Gpa, he read!  And he laughed.  It was an ad and said, Imagine your home if it was organized.  He folded it up and put it in his jacket.

I gave him another piece of paper and grabbed one myself.  I showed him to tear it.  It took a couple of times and then he got it.  We had a great time tearing paper and filling the box.

We’ll take it to the garden after juggling class today.

I hope the worms enjoy!  Bon Appetit!

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