A Part of the Neighborhood

I came home the other day and there were two rose bushes in the front room.  The only thing my daughter said about them was they were for the yard and I got to pick where they would go.

Since the dogs have been insistent on digging in the back, I chose the front yard.  Once we got them planted I realized that many of the people on the block have planted roses.  I feel like a part of the neighborhood!

She got one of those portable screen doors that have a row of magnets down the middle and installed it!  This was my Mother’s Day gift. Oh how nice.  Now  I can have the back door open and not worry about the flies getting in.  And the dogs can come and go



as they please.

She let me have my birthday present early.  It’s a dog exercise pen that she put around the garden.  Oh happy day!   The dogs have not been able to dig in the garden.

The plants have been growing and there is a tomato on the vine.

When I ask Gpa about his garden, he tells me he grew plants!  Oh how I wish to ask him about these things earlier.



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