Bible Study Notes

Gpa used to draw stick figures in church when I got restless.  I’ve been utilizing the bulletin as well.  Last night at Bible study, he was ready to leave before it was over.  I passed him the note sheet and gave him a pen.

If you look on the lower right hand corner, you’ll see a tick mark and a circle.  He made the tic mark and indicated that it was me.  Then he drew the circle and indicated it was him.

I wrote, “Hello, George.”

“Ha ha yo”

“How are you?”

Bible Study notes

Bible Study notes


“How Old?”

“Six Hundred Years.”


Was it Bible study that aged him?

There is a pot luck after so Gpa had 2 dinners.  I fixed his oatmeal at 5 and then let him have a plate of food at the pot luck.

Before he went to bed, he asked if he had missed dinner.  He was surprised to hear he had eaten twice.

I don’t think I convinced him though.



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