One and One Hundred Birthdays

Miss June celebrated her first birthday today.  Gpa and I were invited and went.  The party was over an hour away.  He enjoyed the ride and when we were about there, he said, “We’ve been going quite a while.”

I replied, “Yes, we are going to a birthday party.”

“Are you sure I’m invited?”

“Yes, June went to your birthday and you are invited to her’s.”

A 5-year-old girl sat with Gpa and I and she was shocked that he spit, even though I told her he would.  She said, “You should not spit food at a party.”  I told her she is right but Gpa has only 4 teeth and it is hard for him to eat sometimes.

She got up and left her piece unattended.  Gpa ate it.

She saw some decorations that had 1st on it.  She asked, “What is 1 street?”

We stayed until he was ready to go.  I think we were the first people to leave.  We did get to eat pizza, cake and ice cream but not see the presents opened.  I had made the mistake of parking the car where he could see it.

Miss June and Gpa had a great time smiling and waving at each other.  They are both messy pizza eaters.  Though the two times June’s mom tried to take a picture of them together June got upset and cried.  So don’t believe everything you see.

Miss June came to Gpa’s 100th birthday party. They sat on opposite ends of the table and flirted.  I don’t know if she remembers that at all, it was half her life ago.

She is definitely invited to Gpa’s 101th party.

Gotta love kids, birthdays, and Gpa’s.



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