As Old as You Feel

I am wondering if attending church isn’t aging Gpa.  He wrote last week that he was 6 hundred.  This week he wrote a million!  Church isn’t that bad, it isn’t even that long.

I don’t know if he’s thinking of the coffee and treat we get afterwards.  Could be.

Today he told the day care lady he was 75.  Good to hear he’s feeling younger, or it could be he was flirting with her and thought 75 was better than a million.

Oh he wrote that I am a suet girl.  I’m sure he meant

million years

million years

Suet girl
Suet girl

but it reminded me of something.  Sometime in the 90’s. The year not his age.  He remembered that his mother made suet pudding.  Oh how fondly he remembered this treat.  So he hunted down a recipe and obtained the ingredients.  He cooked it right up.  I can’t remember if he offered to share for if he did.  NONE of us took him up on the offer. How good can fat pudding be?

All he would say after he ate it was it wasn’t like he remembered it. I’m sure Momma’s love was the thing that made the childhood treat so good.

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