Short Term Memory

Gpa put himself to bed the other night.  He just got up an went.  He didn’t turn on his light.  I didn’t change that when I went to bed.

Last night he got up and came across the room to tell me that he was going to bed and it was nice seeing me.  So I told him I’d walk him to his door.  He told me that he’d like to have the light left on so he could see to sleep.  Then he smiled.

I love his sense of humor but I also think, he was remembering the light off the night before.  I’m glad he has some retention.

Once in the night, I tried to help him in the bathroom, he was at the door and he told me that he could do it himself and shut the door.  I was nervous about what kind of mess he might make, but I didn’t push it.  He did fine and went back to bed.  Whew.

I hope you are having a great holiday.

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