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Coffee Spill Pop Art

I don’t know what I am going to do.  I don’t think there is anything to do.  Gpa spits.

I am surprised that his ever loved coffee gets spit as well.

This time it looked like art.  So I took a picture.

coffee spill pop art

A Field of Flowers in the Front Yard

Our housing development is fairly new.  There are still a lot of wild flowers in the yards.  I think it is great since the area is called the flowers.  Of course I live on the street that is the hardest to spell.  The next street over is Moss Rose. So much easier.

I get a lot of people knocking on my door offering to mow.  Well, I do it or my next door neighbor does it.  But we don’t keep it golf course pristine.  And why should I?  I like the flowers.

Gpa had said once that his favorite flower is yellow pansy.  I hope he enjoys these yellow flowers.

field of flowers

field of flowers

A Frog in the Garden

The frog was in the plants that were being prepped.  So we had to take a picture.  Then I looked at the expression and he made me think of Gpa.  That’s what Gpa looks like when we are at the garden.

Yesterday we went to the garden to harvest, but there isn’t anything to harvest.   We are in between the plants production.  So we worked in the Just Greens garden for the food pantry.  Rows of peppers, okra and the like.  It was cloudy and we needed to get mulch down, leaves then hay.

Gpa wasn’t too happy I was on the other end of the row.  He tried to skootch to the car.  I finally pushed him to the end I was at.  He was a bit mollified. But he got to telling me that he didn’t know what was wrong with him.  He didn’t know where he lived.  I told him I did and would make sure he would get home.

Then I realized, he’s never been in this part of the garden so I took a break and spent some time with him.  Later Bertha said she’d follow him as he skoothed.  She’s been a health care giver so I said OK.

Boy did we get a lot done.  The garden looks great.  Gpa had a good nap and was ready for lunch when I checked in with him.

Crabby Sunday, Happy Monday

I think Gpa got crabby at church on Sunday because we were not going to get coffee and snack fast enough.  But I am just guessing.   We sat so far in the back we weren’t even in the pews.

I didn’t try to go to the front to get communion.  Rebecca asked if I wanted the priests to come to us.  I said yes.  OK so maybe Gpa got crabby because the wafer wasn’t a good snack.

When the men turned to leave, Gpa said, “Go to Hell.”  Not loud but I heard it.  So I took the color sheet and wrote him a note.  It didn’t help so I turned it over and wrote, “How are you?”  You can see below what he responded.

Monday was a totally different day.  He was excited about going to the activity center and I heard that he played Bingo.  When I got him in the car, he told me how pretty the driver is.  He also said it again as I gave him dinner.  He told me I’m a good cook and that he loves me.  Ah, moments like this good and bad  make it all worth it.

Housekeeping Harangue

As usual my day started at 6 a.m.  After having to get up at 11:45pm, 1 a.m and 4 a.m.  Some time in the night I changed the sheets.  When Gpa got up at 6, the sheets were wet again!  Argh.  But the most frustrating thing is the sheets now have the elastic going all around the sheet. WHERE is the corner?  I don’t have time to look since I’ve left him on the toilet and even though he says he’ll wait for me to come back.  He doesn’t.

It makes me wonder sometimes when I struggle with different household items if the people designing them have ever used them.

The other thing I’ve given some thought to but haven’t done any research is sustainability.  I hate how much waste is going into my trash.  However, I am not in the least bit interested in using cloth diapers on Gpa.  I used them on my kids and it was with the thought they would be growing out of them.  Also, a mess from a 2 year old is much different from a 100 year old.

But as the baby boomers age and this need increases, it would be good to give more thought to this issue.

I have fed Gpa and in moments, he is telling me he’s hungry.  Oh, if only his tummy would tell his brain that it has food.