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A Couple of Cookies, A Couple of Outcomes

We spent most of today out and about.  For the most part it was great.

Had lunch with a friend and then ran some errands.

While we waited for a friend, we stopped at McDonalds.  I took Gpa to the bathroom and then got him a cookie and a coffee.  Before the friend showed up, Gpa told me his butt hurt.  So I asked if he wanted to sit in the car.  My butt was hurting too.

When I turned from getting him into the car, there was a lady at the door of McDonalds who asked something.  I said “what?”

She repeated, “Are you always this mean to him?”

Who knows what she was referring to.  I assumed it was my yelling to get him into the car.  “He can’t hear.” I replied and put the walker in the trunk.

I saw her shaking her head.  So I know she didn’t believe me.

I got in the car and locked the door.

Gpa started telling me “Oh goodie, I love going for a ride.”

So, Lady who has no clue what she saw, My Gpa is very happy with the way I treat him.  However, I can promise that I’ll NEVER buy you a cookie and coffee at McDonalds, EVER.

The other cookie was at my friend’s house.  She got everyone a glass of water and then we got busy visiting.  Gpa went to her end table and started to look into the bags sitting there.

One had a bikini and my friend showed it to Gpa and asked if he wanted it.  “No, no, no.’  I told her he was probably looking for a cookie. She laughed until she saw a cookie in the other bag.

She was very impressed with how well he was able to scout out his favorite food item.

He is good that way.

A Handful of Coffee and a Cookie

While I was helping Gpa in the bathroom, he asked for a handful of coffee and a cookie.  Mind you he had already had his afternoon snack.  And it was a handful of coffee and a cookie.

But he was so earnest and smiled at me with his beautiful blue eyes, which were enhanced by his shirt of the same color, I couldn’t resist.

So once we were finished with, “peepee and poopi”  and yes I have found myself asking to be excused because I have to “peepee and poopi”.

I got him a protein shake and a graham cracker.  He was so happy.

Well, until he got to his chair in the den.  I was on the computer and he got my attention.

He told me he was so hungry he had to eat his thumb.

I am so sorry his tummy doesn’t tell his brain that he has eaten.

Never fear, at 5pm, I’ll fix his dinner.

First Dill Pickle and Music Makes Us Dance

I have so many cucumbers I thought I’d try a batch of dill pickles after I got the School Girl batch started.

Dill pickles only take a few days.  School Girls take three weeks.

We sliced up the first dill pickle and put it on our sandwiches at the garden.  With fresh tomatoes! YUM!

I took the Guitar and Ukulele, and played gospel music during the harvest.  At one point a woman pointed out that Gpa was responding to the music. I missed it because I stopped playing as I  looked up.  Darn.

I don’t know if he has ever heard that song but it is one of my favorites so I’ll be playing it more often.

What better way to spend the day than hanging out on the pavillion jamming while Gpa dances?

first dill pickle

first dill pickle

In Life First In is Not First Out

I’m sure I learned this when I was a kid with a pet.  However, it hit harder when my mom passed away before her dad, Gpa.

She passed away 2 months after my grandmother.  One had cancer and the other was fighting kidney failure.  Both were great examples of finding out what needs to be done next and doing it.  I don’t think I ever heard them complain.  Well, Mom said she cried when she found out she had kidney failure and I saw her cry when once again the tubing in her arm clogged up.  She told me she didn’t think she could do it (hemodialysis) any more.  Shortly afterwards, she died, and doesn’t have to do it any more.

We watched over Gpa for a while since the two most important people had left him.  His church had a grief recovery thing and he did it. Volunteered at the hospital where Gma died and found some things to look forward to in life.

Last Sunday, my cousin died.  Her mother has survived her.  I am so sorry that my aunt is facing life without her eldest daughter.  I’m sorry that we didn’t make it to the funeral.

It wasn’t because we didn’t want to.

But my sister and I had just been to Missouri in April for four days.  It is an 8 hour drive one way.  With Gpa, it’s a little bit longer.  We stayed in a hotel and he thought we were going to leave him there.  We had to write him a note reminding him we were on vacation, in a hotel and would be going home on Monday.

He doesn’t like to drive in the dark and the funeral was at 1 pm on Thursday.  I didn’t have it in me to get up early enough to start on Thursday morning.  I talked to my sister about starting Wednesday afternoon and stopping somewhere in the middle.  I also said that if we went to the funeral, I’d want to stay for the dinner afterwards and visit with relatives.

So that would be two nights in a hotel with Gpa being confused and upset.  Plus 16 hours in the car over 2 days. We couldn’t stay longer as my sister has used up all her vacation time.  She’ll have to wait until August to get more.

When our other aunt passed away a few years ago, we made it to the funeral and back home in 24 hours.  However, Gpa was living independently and as this was Dad’s side of the family, he didn’t come.  And we were younger then.

My sister  received a voice mail from our cousin’s sister stating that we were missed and all the other cousins made it to the funeral.  I’m glad they did, last I knew they all live in Missouri.

Oh, two out of three of my children have let me know that they expect me to out live them.  Thanks a lot.  And if that’s how it turns out, I’m glad they gave me a heads up.

And some days, I think Gpa will out live us all.

Coffee Spit Art

Now Gpa has taken to spitting on the floor for the dog!

Here is some art created during snack time.

The face looks how I feel.

coffee spit face

coffee spit face

A Mitten or a Glove

I put a new pair of gloves on Gpa every day.  Sometimes he can put them on himself no trouble.  Then there are days he gets a couple of fingers in one spot or he tries to put on the opposite hand.  This makes the glove be backwards and the pinkie is awkwardly in the thumb.

When I have to help him put the gloves on, I remember the trouble I had when I was young.  For some reason, I just didn’t get how to put each finger in a separate spot.  This frustrated my mother so, that she got me mittens.  I can tell you I had NO trouble putting the thumb in the little hole and leave the rest of the fingers in the big spot.  My fingers were happier all together.  But it is not easy to play in the snow when you where mittens.

Have no worries, I am not planning on getting Gpa mittens. We do just fine with the gloves.  I don’t mind coaching him once in a while.  And I allow for extra time in getting ready to go out in case he needs it.

He had a great day at day care.  They said he was in a good mood and they made Father’s Day cards.  I bet that brought up lots of good memories.  He always lights up when he talks about his mom and dad.

I’ll have to remember to ask him for some more stories.

Chatty Kathy

Wow Gpa had a great day at the day care today!  When I picked him up, he was talking a lot!  He had a folded up color sheet and told me that I did it.  He had a running commentary on my driving.

Usually he tells me how great the ride is and what a great driver I am but not today.

Today he was watching the signs and telling me if  I was going too fast.  He even told me that I was scaring him by getting to close to the person in front of us.  I was approaching a stop sign, so it was OK that I was that close.

He pointed out when the light was red and when it was green.

One of the signs he tried to tell me was the speed limit, was the number of the highway.  I told him we were on a highway and he pointed to the over passes and said, those were high and we were on the low way.

I’m glad I got got my chores done early and picked him up before there was too much rush hour traffic.

He was very distracting.  Though I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

He’s been chewing on his jacket and his gloves.  I’m thinking he needs to go to the dentist.  I’ll add that to the list.

Gpa’s Pickles

Gpa has a recipe, School Girl Choker pickle, it is my absolute favorite pickle.  The recipe starts with ‘float an egg’.  Who would have thought you’d need an egg for a pickle recipe?

I made a batch a couple of years ago and I am almost out.  I’ve been rationing them.

This year, I’m growing the cucumbers that will become these all favorite morsels.

Today, I have enough cucumbers to start the process.  I even had one that hid and it grew to twice the size.  So I cut some to test what the process does to them.  The rest I used to make refrigerator pickles, which will help tide me over.

School Girl Choker pickles take at least 3 weeks to complete.

So back to the first step.  Float an egg.  I measured as I went and made note so it will be easier next time. I asked Gpa if I needed to let the rock salt disolve before putting the egg in.  He nodded.  Then I asked, “Or can I put the egg in now?”  He nodded again.

I don’t think I floated the egg as well as I did today.  How fun it was like a magic trick.  Only 20 more days……

foating egg

foating egg

Coffee Spill Art – Orchid

This morning I left Gpa’s coffee cup on the table, thinking it would be there if he wanted it later.  Um he doesn’t like cold coffee.

So on the floor it went when my back was turned.

It looks like an orchid to me.  I consider it his birthday present to me.  Absolutely beautiful!

When he was my age, I wasn’t even here yet.  And he wasn’t even middle-aged!  And at the rate he’s going, he was

coffee spill orchid

coffee spill orchid

middle-aged at 80. Only sixty more years to go on his part!


A Full Set of Back Up Clothes

I make sure Gpa has a set of clothes at day care in case he needs them.  However, I only bring a shirt, a pair pants and 2 depends.  How dirty can he get?

Well, I should have packed a set of everything he wears.  He got his gloves and jacket soiled and was upset because his hands were cold.

The assistant director told me he had feces all over his gloves (which are dark brown work gloves from Wal-mart) and walker.  I told her I had put a new set on him this morning.  I had gotten 12 from Wal-mart online store.  I guess I was thinking she was saying I brought him that way.  I now think she was telling me to bring a full set of back up clothes.

I also think she’s telling me that they don’t check on him as often as they should.  At home, the only time he get’s feces on his hands is if I have to leave the bathroom to get a new package of wipes.  BOY, have I learned not to leave the bathroom!  Once was enough for me thank you.

And he’s never gotten it all over his walker.  I’ve told them sometimes he isn’t aware that he is going to the bathroom.  I’ve learned that if he shifts or lifts hips off the chair, it’s time to get to the bathroom.

It’s not like they don’t have other people at the daycare that needs extra care.  They all do.  I had to get a note from the doctor to be able to use this daycare.

Gpa was trying to get his hand in his pants pocket when we got in the car. I asked him what he was doing.  He was trying to get his hand in his pocket to warm it up.  So I showed him how to put his hand under his arm.

Gpa was so happy when I gave him a new pair of gloves when we got home.  “Oh, there they are!”

I haven’t looked in the bag.  I’m not ready.  I want to eat dinner first.