A Full Set of Back Up Clothes

I make sure Gpa has a set of clothes at day care in case he needs them.  However, I only bring a shirt, a pair pants and 2 depends.  How dirty can he get?

Well, I should have packed a set of everything he wears.  He got his gloves and jacket soiled and was upset because his hands were cold.

The assistant director told me he had feces all over his gloves (which are dark brown work gloves from Wal-mart) and walker.  I told her I had put a new set on him this morning.  I had gotten 12 from Wal-mart online store.  I guess I was thinking she was saying I brought him that way.  I now think she was telling me to bring a full set of back up clothes.

I also think she’s telling me that they don’t check on him as often as they should.  At home, the only time he get’s feces on his hands is if I have to leave the bathroom to get a new package of wipes.  BOY, have I learned not to leave the bathroom!  Once was enough for me thank you.

And he’s never gotten it all over his walker.  I’ve told them sometimes he isn’t aware that he is going to the bathroom.  I’ve learned that if he shifts or lifts hips off the chair, it’s time to get to the bathroom.

It’s not like they don’t have other people at the daycare that needs extra care.  They all do.  I had to get a note from the doctor to be able to use this daycare.

Gpa was trying to get his hand in his pants pocket when we got in the car. I asked him what he was doing.  He was trying to get his hand in his pocket to warm it up.  So I showed him how to put his hand under his arm.

Gpa was so happy when I gave him a new pair of gloves when we got home.  “Oh, there they are!”

I haven’t looked in the bag.  I’m not ready.  I want to eat dinner first.




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  • Susan Welsh  On June 11, 2012 at 3:51 am

    Bless you!!!!!

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