Chatty Kathy

Wow Gpa had a great day at the day care today!  When I picked him up, he was talking a lot!  He had a folded up color sheet and told me that I did it.  He had a running commentary on my driving.

Usually he tells me how great the ride is and what a great driver I am but not today.

Today he was watching the signs and telling me if  I was going too fast.  He even told me that I was scaring him by getting to close to the person in front of us.  I was approaching a stop sign, so it was OK that I was that close.

He pointed out when the light was red and when it was green.

One of the signs he tried to tell me was the speed limit, was the number of the highway.  I told him we were on a highway and he pointed to the over passes and said, those were high and we were on the low way.

I’m glad I got got my chores done early and picked him up before there was too much rush hour traffic.

He was very distracting.  Though I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

He’s been chewing on his jacket and his gloves.  I’m thinking he needs to go to the dentist.  I’ll add that to the list.

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