A Mitten or a Glove

I put a new pair of gloves on Gpa every day.  Sometimes he can put them on himself no trouble.  Then there are days he gets a couple of fingers in one spot or he tries to put on the opposite hand.  This makes the glove be backwards and the pinkie is awkwardly in the thumb.

When I have to help him put the gloves on, I remember the trouble I had when I was young.  For some reason, I just didn’t get how to put each finger in a separate spot.  This frustrated my mother so, that she got me mittens.  I can tell you I had NO trouble putting the thumb in the little hole and leave the rest of the fingers in the big spot.  My fingers were happier all together.  But it is not easy to play in the snow when you where mittens.

Have no worries, I am not planning on getting Gpa mittens. We do just fine with the gloves.  I don’t mind coaching him once in a while.  And I allow for extra time in getting ready to go out in case he needs it.

He had a great day at day care.  They said he was in a good mood and they made Father’s Day cards.  I bet that brought up lots of good memories.  He always lights up when he talks about his mom and dad.

I’ll have to remember to ask him for some more stories.

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