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Bananas for Breakfast

This morning we went to the garden.  A couple of friends from Carrollton came to harvest.  They got there early because I told them we had breakfast at 9 but really it doesn’t start until 9:30.  So I gave Gpa a cup of coffee and a cookie and asked the ladies who cook breakfast if they’d watch Gpa while I showed my friends the garden.

Um, while we were away, Gpa watched for the ladies to turn their backs.  Then he went to the food table and grabbed a couple of bananas and hid them under his jacket.  Then he went as fast as he could back to the spot he was sitting.

Of course, they noticed.  So one went to get the bananas and cut them up for him.  He was  worried that she wouldn’t give it back so she had to reassure him a couple of times before he let her take it.  After she peeled it she started to hand it back to him.  He opened his mouth so she could feed him.

She thought it was cute.  I have to shake my head for it’s now par for the course.  And since we’ve been full time together, I’m almost to the point where I don’t remember him being any other way.

He was such a dapper Dan in the day.  And I’m sure Grandmother would be mortified if she knew what I let Gpa do.  Most people say “Oh, he’s 100, let him do what ever he wants.”  I think there are limits to what that entails.

I try to remember to tell people not to leave their plate or coffee unattended.  Gpa may and has confiscated other peoples food at the garden.  Not nice.

I played the songs we sang at Sunday’s potluck/Gospel sing.  At one point Gpa was singing too.  However, I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Later he told me the girls were happy but the men didn’t care.  Wonder what that was about.

Not Two Places at One Time

Last night we had an event at the church Gpa and I have been attending, A potluck and Gospel sing.  I was one of the performers.  At the last event, my daughter was there to help with Gpa.  But yesterday I took her to the airport to go to Seattle to visit her sister and drive back to Texas with her.

I was hoping that since the event was inside, he wouldn’t want to go home.  I thought maybe if we put him up front, he wouldn’t get to worried about leaving.  Though I knew that seeing me could back fire and remind him I could take him home.

So one of the ladies, who love him dearly said she’d sit with him in the back.  What a God send!  The times I looked at the back, except in the beginning when he wheeled himself out of the room, he looked to be fine.

Later she told me that she patted his back in time to the music and when she stopped, he’d look at her like he didn’t want her to stop.


It is so important to have a support group.  Today I took Gpa to day care as I usually do and the first thing I am going to do is take a nap.  For even though we had a late night for us yesterday, he still got up 4 times in the night.

When nap time is over, I’ll be refreshed and ready to face my to-do list.

Fire Drill

I woke up the other night wondering what we would do if there was a fire.  It’s been years and a different house since I’ve thought about something like this.  The very first time I told my son when he was 5 what to do in a fire, he started to lose interest, I said, “Quick, there’s a fire, what do you do?”

“Hide under the bed, MOM!”  And he started to crawl under the bed.  UM, I didn’t say anything about the bed.  Later I found out that kids will hide under the bed when scared.

How would we tell Gpa go out the window if there is smoke?  And I don’t think a fire drill will be a good idea.  I don’t want him trying to crawl out the window unless absolutely necessary.

I do think a sticker for the fire department letting them know who’s in the house is a good idea.

I’m going to look for other ideas to help with this.

I’m also going to be careful that we don’t have a fire.

Reality Phone Show

This last week I’ve had a couple of friends tell me that I have called them and they have heard what sounds like Gpa and I in the bathroom.

Oh how embarrassing!

I’ve had all kinds of trouble with this new phone. I thought I’d upgrade when my flip phone died.  But I have new icons on the phone, it logged me onto my email and I don’t know how to change it.  And now it is calling people in the most inappropriate time and place!

Well, I fixed that, now I don’t take the phone where I don’t want a reality show broadcast.

Little Black Cookie

It fascinates me what Gpa retains.  Many days, he only says one or two words and points to get his point across.  Then there are days i get full sentences.  And big words.

Imagine my surprise when he asked me if I was the manager of this establishment!  This after days of “cookie” and “coffee”.

Tonight about 1am, he got up and ate the graham crackers I had left on the table.  Not 30 minutes later, he was up so I directed him back to bed. As he turned to go, he said, “I’d like a little black cookie.”

Unfortunately, we ate the last of those cookies at snack time around 3pm this afternoon.  I told him we’d have to go to the store to get some more.  And I am happy to report, that was enough to get him to lay back down.  Hopefully he’ll stay in bed until time to get up.

But I don’t hold my breath.

I hope you are having a great week.

Let’s Go

Gpa likes church.  He’ll say, “Oh, Yes” and jump up to get ready when I ask him if he’d like to go.

However, when we get there, he is just waiting to get to the coffee.  This week he got excited during the peace offering and getting pushed to go to communion.  Sorry, Gpa, no coffee yet.

To distract him, I pulled out the color sheet and asked him questions.  I asked “How are you?” He replied, “Sick”

Then the conversation got worse as you can see in the pictures.  His dying in 2 minutes did not get him a cup of coffee sooner.


2 minute warning










hope not

hope not



Gpa and I went to visit one of my friends the other day.

She was making cookies and gave Gpa a cup of coffee and set him up with a TV tray.  While we were visiting Gpa decided to get up and we found out he had spilled his coffee.

Oh, Gpa!  My friend said it was OK they have a child and a dog so they have hard wood floors.  We got the mess cleaned up and by that time the cookies were ready.

Gpa ate 3.

I was sharing that in Aug. it will be a year since I started taking care of Gpa full time.  She replied “and he is thriving.”

I like that word.  It does encapsulate the state he is in.  I have to admit.  I am, too.

I think when we go to celebrate Birthdays at Disneyland, I’ll be celebrating our year anniversary of living together.

Can’t Count the Girlfriends

Oh Gpa is such a charmer! I know I’ve said it before, he attracts the ladies and has girlfriends everywhere.
There were at least 4 maybe 5 ladies he was saying goodbye to as we left coffee time at church today.

I was trying to get him to blow them kisses but he kept sending them my way. And the ladies began to giggle. Now that he had their attention, he was true to form and blew all of them their own kisses.

Sometimes I think of God as being everyone’s boyfriend but nobody is jealous. It could happen. Today Gpa showed an example of it.

He’s a Good Driver

When I picked up Gpa from day care, he was messing with another attendee.  He and Brent have become good friends and I’m glad. Brent is a young man and has CP.

Gpa was trying to get Brent to bring his wheelchair closer so Gpa could stick his walker in the spokes.  Gpa called me over and told me, “He’s not doing it right.”

“Um, Gpa, he doesn’t have to do that.”

Then Gpa got to telling them I’m hurting him.  Whew, you just never know what you are going to to get when there’s been a stimulating day.

We got into the car and he told me I was going too fast.  “No, the sign there says 40 and I’m going 40. ”

“It’s lying to you.”

Then he told me he was a good driver and gave me a running commentary on how well he was doing.  At one stop light he grabbed the wheel.  I told him not to grab that.  Scary as we were on the way to the highway. Just what I need is him helping me at 60 miles an hour.

I just kept telling him how good he was doing and he didn’t grab after that and for that I am glad.

I may have to see what letting him be a backseat driver does.

A Place to Park the Car

Today was spent cleaning house.  So I’m sure Gpa was bored.  However, I did take a break when he wanted to see his car.  He did that a couple of times.  The last time, I had him sit outside.

Then he called me over and asked if I was the manager of this establishment.  I said I was.  He asked if he could park the car inside.

I tried to explain that the car is too big to come in the front door.  He was worried that someone would take it if it sat outside.  I told him it is locked up and needs a key to open.

I’m not sure he was convinced.  We’ll see if he asks again.