Up To My Elbows

Today at church Gpa did not reply to my writing, “Good Morning, George” on the color sheet.  He read the note and then put it in his pocket.

After church we went to meet a friend of mine for lunch.  I figured I had time to take Gpa to the restroom before she got there.  When we got into the bathroom, I discovered he had an accident.  It was all over his pants, some on his shirt, on both depends. (so much for that idea) I’m glad I had the wipes.  But I knew we couldn’t stay for lunch like this.  I got teary from disappointment and frustration.  Really we had come a long way to just use the restroom and go back home.

I called by friend and she had already arrived.  So she said she’d come into the bathroom.

She called me right back, she thought I was in the men’s room. Opps, sorry I didn’t tell her.  I take Gpa to the ladies room as I know we won’t be walking in on someone.  The men’s room on the other hand may have a urinal and I don’t want to walk in on that!!!!!

She was a great help getting a bag for the mess and letting the restaurant know that they’d need to clean up.

When we got back to the car and were saying goodbye, I found an extra set of clothes and another depends.  Hallelujah!  We were going to be able to have lunch after all.

She had gone to a spiritual workshop yesterday and was telling me about how we can learn from any challenge.  I asked, “even when I am up to my elbows?”

“Of course, look at how you responded.  This is an example of how loving and caring you are.”

I told her that I really appreciated all the help she gave me.  She has never had children so I know that being in a bathroom that stinks to high heaven is a bigger challenge for her than for me.  And yet she stuck with it.

Taking Gpa to a public restroom is different than taking a baby with a stinky diaper in that the mess is smaller though the smell may not be.  The logistics are more challenging as well especially now that many bathrooms have a changing station.  I am very thankful for handicapped equipped stalls.

If this is the price I pay for Gpa to still be here, it is a small thing.  I am so glad he is here to share adventures with friends and family.

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