Fire Drill

I woke up the other night wondering what we would do if there was a fire.  It’s been years and a different house since I’ve thought about something like this.  The very first time I told my son when he was 5 what to do in a fire, he started to lose interest, I said, “Quick, there’s a fire, what do you do?”

“Hide under the bed, MOM!”  And he started to crawl under the bed.  UM, I didn’t say anything about the bed.  Later I found out that kids will hide under the bed when scared.

How would we tell Gpa go out the window if there is smoke?  And I don’t think a fire drill will be a good idea.  I don’t want him trying to crawl out the window unless absolutely necessary.

I do think a sticker for the fire department letting them know who’s in the house is a good idea.

I’m going to look for other ideas to help with this.

I’m also going to be careful that we don’t have a fire.

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