Not Two Places at One Time

Last night we had an event at the church Gpa and I have been attending, A potluck and Gospel sing.  I was one of the performers.  At the last event, my daughter was there to help with Gpa.  But yesterday I took her to the airport to go to Seattle to visit her sister and drive back to Texas with her.

I was hoping that since the event was inside, he wouldn’t want to go home.  I thought maybe if we put him up front, he wouldn’t get to worried about leaving.  Though I knew that seeing me could back fire and remind him I could take him home.

So one of the ladies, who love him dearly said she’d sit with him in the back.  What a God send!  The times I looked at the back, except in the beginning when he wheeled himself out of the room, he looked to be fine.

Later she told me that she patted his back in time to the music and when she stopped, he’d look at her like he didn’t want her to stop.


It is so important to have a support group.  Today I took Gpa to day care as I usually do and the first thing I am going to do is take a nap.  For even though we had a late night for us yesterday, he still got up 4 times in the night.

When nap time is over, I’ll be refreshed and ready to face my to-do list.

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