Bananas for Breakfast

This morning we went to the garden.  A couple of friends from Carrollton came to harvest.  They got there early because I told them we had breakfast at 9 but really it doesn’t start until 9:30.  So I gave Gpa a cup of coffee and a cookie and asked the ladies who cook breakfast if they’d watch Gpa while I showed my friends the garden.

Um, while we were away, Gpa watched for the ladies to turn their backs.  Then he went to the food table and grabbed a couple of bananas and hid them under his jacket.  Then he went as fast as he could back to the spot he was sitting.

Of course, they noticed.  So one went to get the bananas and cut them up for him.  He was  worried that she wouldn’t give it back so she had to reassure him a couple of times before he let her take it.  After she peeled it she started to hand it back to him.  He opened his mouth so she could feed him.

She thought it was cute.  I have to shake my head for it’s now par for the course.  And since we’ve been full time together, I’m almost to the point where I don’t remember him being any other way.

He was such a dapper Dan in the day.  And I’m sure Grandmother would be mortified if she knew what I let Gpa do.  Most people say “Oh, he’s 100, let him do what ever he wants.”  I think there are limits to what that entails.

I try to remember to tell people not to leave their plate or coffee unattended.  Gpa may and has confiscated other peoples food at the garden.  Not nice.

I played the songs we sang at Sunday’s potluck/Gospel sing.  At one point Gpa was singing too.  However, I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Later he told me the girls were happy but the men didn’t care.  Wonder what that was about.

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