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It Stays the Same as it Changes

We have a new neighbor.  He takes care of his father who has had a stroke.  He said that any information on activities I knew about would be great.  I told him about daycare and will pick up information for him.

I thought maybe we could carpool.  He doesn’t have a vehicle so I told him that the daycare does pick people up.  I don’t use it as I use those days to do errands.

Later I was thinking about carpooling.  The neighborhood mom’s created one when the kids went to junior high.  We lived .2 miles too close for bus service.

And here I am many years later thinking about carpooling again.  The difference is this time I had a caution on how well the other ‘parent’ drives.  I don’t think I ever worried about that when the kids were younger.

Maybe because we had all lived in the neighborhood for years, and I hadn’t heard about speeding tickets or accidents, it was enough.  But was it really?  Must have because the kids are in their 20’s now.


A Cookie and a Prayer

Yesterday was day care  day for Gpa and errand day for me.  Boy did I get a lot done!  The last thing I did and the most important was getting the oil changed and window wipers replaced. (the wipers were looking pretty ragged)  I was supposed to change the oil a couple of weeks ago. Now that it is done, I have a load off my mind.

I also got to have lunch with a couple of friends.  That was the best part of the day.  One shared some troubles she has been having.  She has been taking steps to make the changes needed so that is good.  But the changes are live changing and she confessed that worry has been keeping her awake at night.

This made me remember when I was worried about my ex.  I spent many nights awake, worried about what he planned to do next.  My solution was to pray for missionaries in China.  I did that enough that I stopped worrying about what was going to happen at home.

I told my friend to pray for the people in China.  She asked what’s happening in China.  I said I don’t know, pray for anyone you want.  Surely at 2 am, someone somewhere is needing prayer.

Last night Gpa got up a couple of times and at 3 am I changed him and he asked for a cookie.  So I set him up with a cookie and juice.  I started to grumble about being up at 3 am and remembered what I had said earlier in the day.  I started praying for surely someone somewhere needs prayer at 3 am.

And praying puts me in a much better mood than grumbling.

I hope you have a great day today!


Suspicions Not Confirmed

Lately Gpa has been complaining of being sick when he is wandering around at night.  It hasn’t been consecutive days and he never says a thing about being sick during the day.

He tells me it’s hard to breath or swallow.  And the first night he told me he needed a cracker.  That didn’t help so I gave him a teaspoon of cough syrup.

Last night he had the complaint again.  I got him a drink and watched as he took it with him into the bathroom. Since it was water, he dumped it on the floor.

I am suspicious that Gpa has tried to drink his liquid soap.  He has tried to drink the dish soap in the kitchen.  So I moved it and treated as if he had tried the soap.

It’s times like this I hate the most.  He can’t tell me what happened and I can’t reassure him that what we’ve done is going to help.

We’ll see how things go now that temptation has been removed.

Ready to Hang

I like Mondays.

Yesterday Gpa went to daycare.  I got a lot done.  I went to the garden, and while there watered, weeded, and planted fall crop.  I was singing and a hummingbird came by to check out what was making that noise.  So, of course I stopped to watch it fly.

Then, I went home showered, napped and ate lunch.  I put nine pieces of art into frames.  I have a high ceiling in my hall and these large pieces will be hung 3×3.  They look good lined up in a row as well.  I will wait til my daughter (who is tall) comes and helps me hang them.

Then I prepped a small canvas for another project.  I’ll start painting it on Thursday.

I picked some herbs I have grown and put together two herbed vinegar decanters.

I had some computer work to do but decided to do that when Gpa is home.  I went to two thrift stores.  Whew what a day!

Hope you had a great day, too!

art ready to hang

art ready to hang


Ketchup Surprise

Remember how the other day I caught Gpa with a packet of ketchup?  And my first clue to check on him was a juicy sound after he had eaten.

Well, across the room from where he sits.  I found ketchup on the wall!  I’m not sure how it got all the way across the room without there being some on the table. The yellow is the wall, the red is the ketchup and the white is the back door frame.

I’m surprised that the ketchup is still red since it’s been on the wall for a few days.  I’m also surprised that the dogs haven’t found it.

I’m still wishing I had painted the breakfast nook a high gloss for easier clean up.

Is it  art?

ketchup surprise

ketchup surprise

Looks Like an Old Man



There will be days, months even that there seems to be no real decline.  Lately,  he’s been having a hard time following instruction.  I’ll tell him to take off his shoes and he’ll hold out his hands for me to take his gloves.  I’ll ask him if he wants to go for a ride, he’ll nod but not move to get up.

The other day I really took a look at Gpa.  He’s looking old.  More old.  He has a slight grey tinge, his cheeks are more sunken and his eyes are dull more often.

My daughter was visiting and I mentioned that to her.  She said it is because he is an old man.  “Aren’t you Gpa?”  He nodded.

I will start to worry and then he’ll do something that reminds me he still has a lot of living to do.  I left a ketchup packet on the table.  I was hearing a juicy sound coming from Gpa at the table but I was busy visiting my daughter so I didn’t investigate as I thought Gpa was playing with his coffee.  I was glad he had found something to do.

When I finally checked on him, he had little squirts of red all over his bib, the table, and his pants. He could see there was still some left.  He asked me to cut it in half.  I said, “OK.” and I took it from him.

He’s still got that problem solving scientific mind.

Another Cup

Gpa has to have plastic coffee cups as he bangs them on the table when M T.  There is a small yellow one at the garden that we try to keep up with.  And a small yellow one at my son’s house.

I needed to get him some more clothes.  Gpa is out living his apparel.  So we went to the thrift store.  Got some great finds.  While there, I decided to look for plastic cups.  I found 4!  In sets of 2 for under $2 per set.

I’ll leave the two that Rocio likes at her house and take the other two to the garden.

Amazing how happy a small thing like a coffee cup find can make me.



Just a Little Note to Start the Day

Gpa was up and down all night so I wrote him a note and it helped a lot.  I only wished I had written it earlier.

When he first read it, he said, “That seems reasonable.”

It is good the we got him calmed down.  Because our plans were to go to Disneyland.  He ate his usual then had pancakes with us.  Um I really shouldn’t let him eat as much as I do.  He was all carbed up and slept through most of the day.

About 4pm we went home to eat and rest.  Christian said he’d watch Gpa so we went back and stayed until the park closed. Gpa slept most of the night and got up ready and raring to go.

I’m glad because this is the second time he’s gotten so carbedup and it worries me a bit.The first time he and the dog got into a bag of

We are on Vacation note

We are on Vacation note

pretzels.  Both were lethargic for a day.

Joey got a birthday button as it was his birthday even though we were celebrating everyone’s.  He said he was sorry Gpa didn’t get to come back for the rest of the day.  He also said thank you to everyone at the park that told him happy birthday.

I would have to say that it was a pretty awesome day.  One that we’ll remember for as long as our brains work well.

We Fly to Cancun

This trip has started a bit rocky so I’m glad we only planned a few days. However, some friends I had hoped to see won’t be able to, one is ill and the other is having surgery.  On that note, I am wishing we were staying a day or two longer.

Gpa did well going through the lines at the airport and he enjoyed sitting at the gate. But he got upset when they tried to transfer him to the on plane wheel chair.  He grabbed on to the arms of his chair and they couldn’t pick him up.  So I had to get where he could see me and tell him to let go.  He mouthed, ‘help, me.’  I told him it was OK.

Once we were seated, he told me he was ready to go and even tried to stand up.  I’m so glad I had him in the middle seat.  I asked him if he’d like a cup of coffee, that worked for a bit.   I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen him not finish his coffee!

Then I pulled out the cookies, flash cards, coloring books.  They all worked for a bit.

We flew Virgin Air and they have great little screens so I poked around to see what there was to watch.  In the free section they had videos on places they fly. I picked Dallas/Ft Worth first because I thought he’d be interested in seeing familiar sights.  Not so much.

However, when I picked ‘We Fly to Cancun’, a lady was talking about something so I paused it when she was smiling.  Gpa spent quite a bit of time blowing her kisses and waving to her.

I was able to get a bit of a nap and was awoken to the flight attendant (is that what they are called now, I can’t keep up with all the PC verbiage)  He had called her over. I let her know that he was wanting to get out of  here.

He must of pushed some buttons as the lady from Cancun was no longer on the screen.  So I got her back and was able to finish my nap.

He’s still wanting to go home so I hope we have fun at Disneyland.

Old World Map Coffee Spill

This morning I woke up thinking I’d like to come home to a clean house.  Well, really I thought about cleaning house yesterday and at the thought of pushing the vacuum around, my back protested.

But I really want to come home to a clean house.  So I thought I’ll do it while Gpa eats.  But that is when I shower.  argh!

It was not yet 5am and I heard Gpa moving around.  Great! I got up and started laundry, vacuumed, and then cleaned the kitchen.  As I began to sweep, Gpa threw last nights bib over in the corner, where I have plants in the window.  I also have various experiments in growing and empty cartons and the weedeater and extension cord.  Well, one of the containers of dirt fell all over.

My focus now is on the opposite corner than where I was only a moment ago.  Once I got everything picked up.  I found an old coffee spill. Looks like an old world map to me.

old world map - coffee spill

old world map – coffee spill

I guess I’ll nap on the plane.  We’ll see that doesn’t always work out.

Gpa has been wondering from chair to chair, then to his room, check to make sure the car isn’t stolen.

I’d like a nap now.

And as Gpa ate, he created a new spill.  I mopped again and now he’s at the table spitting on the floor.

This is why I don’t get to excited about cleaning, it doesn’t even last half an hour.  I do have to admit, it is good to get the map off the floor.