Suspicions Not Confirmed

Lately Gpa has been complaining of being sick when he is wandering around at night.  It hasn’t been consecutive days and he never says a thing about being sick during the day.

He tells me it’s hard to breath or swallow.  And the first night he told me he needed a cracker.  That didn’t help so I gave him a teaspoon of cough syrup.

Last night he had the complaint again.  I got him a drink and watched as he took it with him into the bathroom. Since it was water, he dumped it on the floor.

I am suspicious that Gpa has tried to drink his liquid soap.  He has tried to drink the dish soap in the kitchen.  So I moved it and treated as if he had tried the soap.

It’s times like this I hate the most.  He can’t tell me what happened and I can’t reassure him that what we’ve done is going to help.

We’ll see how things go now that temptation has been removed.

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