A Cookie and a Prayer

Yesterday was day care  day for Gpa and errand day for me.  Boy did I get a lot done!  The last thing I did and the most important was getting the oil changed and window wipers replaced. (the wipers were looking pretty ragged)  I was supposed to change the oil a couple of weeks ago. Now that it is done, I have a load off my mind.

I also got to have lunch with a couple of friends.  That was the best part of the day.  One shared some troubles she has been having.  She has been taking steps to make the changes needed so that is good.  But the changes are live changing and she confessed that worry has been keeping her awake at night.

This made me remember when I was worried about my ex.  I spent many nights awake, worried about what he planned to do next.  My solution was to pray for missionaries in China.  I did that enough that I stopped worrying about what was going to happen at home.

I told my friend to pray for the people in China.  She asked what’s happening in China.  I said I don’t know, pray for anyone you want.  Surely at 2 am, someone somewhere is needing prayer.

Last night Gpa got up a couple of times and at 3 am I changed him and he asked for a cookie.  So I set him up with a cookie and juice.  I started to grumble about being up at 3 am and remembered what I had said earlier in the day.  I started praying for surely someone somewhere needs prayer at 3 am.

And praying puts me in a much better mood than grumbling.

I hope you have a great day today!


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