It Stays the Same as it Changes

We have a new neighbor.  He takes care of his father who has had a stroke.  He said that any information on activities I knew about would be great.  I told him about daycare and will pick up information for him.

I thought maybe we could carpool.  He doesn’t have a vehicle so I told him that the daycare does pick people up.  I don’t use it as I use those days to do errands.

Later I was thinking about carpooling.  The neighborhood mom’s created one when the kids went to junior high.  We lived .2 miles too close for bus service.

And here I am many years later thinking about carpooling again.  The difference is this time I had a caution on how well the other ‘parent’ drives.  I don’t think I ever worried about that when the kids were younger.

Maybe because we had all lived in the neighborhood for years, and I hadn’t heard about speeding tickets or accidents, it was enough.  But was it really?  Must have because the kids are in their 20’s now.


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