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Scavanger Hunt

I was right that Gpa would be up all night last night.  Partially because of the change in routine and partially because I let him have coffee in the evening.  Oh and I think also partially because of the rain.

I on the other hand, was so tired, I only got up have the times he did.  I could hear him roaming around but I couldn’t get my self up.

Here are something things I found out of place.  I do not know yet if I found them all.

Clothes in the tub.

Toilet brush on the floor, not in it’s holder.

Gpa wearing mis-matched shoes. One clog has a strap and the other doesn’t.

Chicken bones on kitchen chair.  Argh! one of the dogs got them.  No adverse reaction so far, but keeping watch.

Belt in the bed.

Wipes warmer in the sink

I hope Gpa had a good time.


My Sing-a-Long Band’s Greatest Fan

Tonight Gpa and I went to the church and had potluck and Beatles sing-a-long event.

The guys were late and I was getting worried that I would be a solo act.  Which wouldn’t be good since I didn’t know all the chords for all the songs.

I made homemade bread and Tomato Basil soup.  I grew the tomatoes and basil.  Both were a hit!

We had fun.  Gpa was our greatest fan, was where our first row would have been if we had rows.  And clapped.  And was so happy when he got to the car at the end.

At one point I put my guitar down and leaned it against the food table.  Gpa scooted to the table and knocked over the guitar before I could grab it.  No damage was done.  Whew!  He was also the first one clapping and that was cool. Of course he’s a fan.  That’s his granddaughter up there!

We had three songs left and I couldn’t ignore Gpa trying to stand up.  Sometimes that means he’s gone to the bathroom and is uncomfortable.  I asked the guys if they could do the next song. “Hey Jude” They said yes and I whisked Gpa away.

We took so long, I could hear them sing the next song.  I hear bits of “Why she had to go, I don’t know, she wouldn’t say.”  HAHAHA.  Nope, I just excused ourselves.

Well, they don’t have tabs on the depends I get thought there are tear away seams.  I had this dirty thing and didn’t have a good way to dispose of it.  I didn’t have a bag so I thought I’d just lay it in the outside trash can.  I slipped out the back.  The trash can wasn’t where it was supposed to be and it would take to long to take it to the street.  So I ran to my car and put it in the floor board in the back seat, folded over nicely.

Then I ran to the building and entered by the front door.

We were ready for the last song.  Hurrah!

We were done by 8:30.  Then was time to clean up.

Gpa’s favorite part was getting back to the car.  He said, “I’m so happy.” When I opened the passenger door to let him in.

I’m thinking he’s going to sleep well tonight.  I know I am.  Well, that is if he doesn’t wake me up.


Juggling Class Fun

Gpa goes to juggling class with me because I call it a ride.  Then we stay for class.  The library is only 5 miles from the house so there are days he looks at me as if to say.  “That was a short ride.”

Usually he’ll spend his time looking out the window or trying to leave.  Every once in a while, when I am waiting for students, I’ll toss him a bean bag.

The best is when the kids interact with him.

Last night a student didn’t want to do what we were doing.   He wanted to go straight for the rings, but I wanted to wait until the half way mark.  Then I got the idea to have him toss a bean bag to Gpa.  Which they had fun doing.  Then another boy asked if he could toss a scarf to Gpa.  Um scarves are hard to toss, but I said he could try.

They all, including Gpa laughed when the scarf landed on his head.

I am so glad I am able to bring Gpa to class with me.  This type of interaction can’t be planned, it’s just part of going with the flow and enjoying the moment.

Which is the thing I have to keep relearning, even before Gpa got dementia.

This moment is the only one we have.  What are we doing with it?

Remembering He’s Forgotten

This morning as I was getting Gpa dressed, I had to tell him several times to take off his shoes.  I got frustrated and said, “We do this every single day.”

Then I remembered, he doesn’t necessarily know that.

If I could remember that he doesn’t remember, I’d be less frustrated.  That’s the trick.  I feel like I say everything over and over and at some point it should stick with him.  But there isn’t a place in his brain for it to stick.

Even though I’ve said it over and over, he’s hearing it for the first time.

And just like I ask him why doesn’t he remember what I’ve said, why don’t I remember that he doesn’t?  Why doesn’t that fact stick in my brain?



I have considered Gpa and I transplanted to where we are now.  We had been living in the north part of town and now we are as far south and east as we can get and still live in the same town.

I didn’t want to leave the activities that I had last year but did.  I have kept in touch with a few people and have been known to visit my old church.

In the last year, after visiting a number of churches, we attend the one associated with the community garden where I have a plot.  We also participate in the food pantry harvest each week.

The local library has a great room for juggling and I now teach there 2 times a week.  It is fun to watch the kids include Gpa.  He has tossed a bean bag and last week a ring to someone.  I consider him my oldest student.  My youngest has been 2.

Now we are performing music at the church and in the garden.

I have always thought of being transplanted as a temporary thing.  But if you transplant a plant, y0u expect it to take root an thrive.

And that is exactly what we are doing.  We are putting down roots and thriving.  I am glad we transplanted where we have.  Everyone we meet loves Gpa and helps me take care of him.  They take care of me, too.

A friend mentioned the other day that she didn’t think Gpa would still be here if we hadn’t made the change.  I won’t dwell on that thought, but she might be right.


Whatever He Wants

Everybody tells me, “Get him whatever he wants.”

Um, within reason.  I will not allow him to keep the sponge in his mouth.

I like that he called the grapes ‘little balls’  He got some.

In the last few months he has asked for whiskey.  I’ve never really seen him drink.  So it took him requesting whiskey more than once to take him serious.

The last time he requested it, I had just given him a cup of coffee, so I thought maybe he used to drink it in his coffee.

I got him some and put one spoonful in.  After one sip, he spit it out.  I don’t know if I messed up his coffee or his whiskey.  He couldn’t say.  The picture is what coffee with whiskey on the floor looks like.

coffee and whiskey spit art

coffee and whiskey spit art


One Thing Leads to Another

Have you ever had one of those days where you planned to do one thing but before you started, something else needed your attention, and then another?

Yesterday, the plan was to clean off the low dresser in my bedroom. It has become a catch-all.  Well, the whole room has become that but I wanted to do something manageable.

I noticed one of the over head light bulbs burnt out.  I decided to change it.  The light cover was dusty.  I took it to the bathroom to clean. There was a pile of papers on the floor and I thought, it won’t take me long to go through this, I’ll do it first.

Oh and I started a load of laundry.  Gpa goes through clothes so fast and he’ll need some for day care tomorrow.  and a load of dishes.

I came across some items that I will give as gifts and that box is in the closet.  While in the closet, I sorted shoes and purses on the floor.

This went on for a while.  I finally got to the dresser and got it done.  Or better organized.  For if you look, there is still some things on it.

Then I rested and looked around the room.  3 boxes to go through.  I haven’t gotten to them because I don’t have a place to put what is in the boxes.

I sat there and pondered, what type of storage would be best for the room?  And I want an end of the bed bench.  Hm maybe I’ll get a storage bench.  I’ll look around and see if there’s one I like.  I want one with drawers instead of lifting a lid.

Later we went to rehearsal at the garden.  It was a beautiful day to do so.  While there, Gena cleaned the dog hair off the floor.  It looked great!  But the vacuum cleaner is still broken.

“How did you do it?”

‘My hands”

Am very thankful for the day.


Clint Eastwood’s Humor

I had heard that Clint Eastwood talked to a chair and the National Convention.  I figured he tried to be funny and it fell flat.

Then SNL spoofed it and he appeared on Ellen.  He said people thought he was senile.  Which was my other option.  But he said he was just having fun.

I can relate.  Sometimes, my humor is only appreciated by me.  Or more correctly, only understood by me.

My brain is always thinking and trying to come up with connections.  Invariably, I’ll connect two very separate things. So I see humor where others don’t.   And it only makes things worse if I try to explain.

Here’s an old example.  I was watching a Steve McQueen movie with my then husband and his friend.  This is one where Steve plays a teen who is tracking his parents murderers. UM he looked middle-aged and the woman playing his mother looked like she could be his daughter.

Anyway he gets himself put on a chain gain because that is where 2 of the murderers are.  Then he befriends Suzanne Pleshette and has her help them escape.  They are in a canoe and it gets tumped over.  Steve starts shooting the men aiming below the water.

I start laughing.  The guys watching the movie with me just stare at me.  This is not a funny scene.

It is if you connect it with Bugs Bunny getting shot and then drinking glass of water and all the water pours out.  In this case the guys get shot and the water pours in.

See I told you that it would be hard to get even if I explained it.

Well, Gpa and I have some funny things we do that other people don’t get.  That suits me just fine.  It was for our entertainment anyway.

Seeing Double

Lillie came over last night and had dinner.  Gpa was delighted to have 2 lovely ladies to entertain.   However, I noticed him looking from one to the other will a bit of a puzzled look on his face.  I wonder if he was thinking he was seeing double.

Or maybe that this was his lucky day.

We stayed up a bit later than usual and at one point Lillie and I were sitting in the back yard.  She invited Gpa to come out when he woke up from his nap and saw we were outside.  He decided to go to bed instead.

That’s too bad.  He used to enjoy sitting outside but it may have been because it was dark that he declined.


Stating the Obvious

OK this is why I don’t have people over.  It is a full time job taking care of Gpa and the house isn’t as tip top ship shape as it could be.  And I know it.  But I thought, well I’ll keep it to a low roar and friends would over look the bit of fluff. Right?

I had a couple of ladies over and had enough time to get Gpa to day care and mop the floor.  I was hoping to vacuum but my daughter had told me it’s broken.  I think it is full of Akita hair.  I just need to figure out how to get deep inside and get the hair out.

So one of my friends the one I had to tell not to tell the bathroom story, mentioned the ‘snow’ on my floor.  So then I had to talk about the vacuum cleaner.

Is she telling me how smart she is?  How lousy my housekeeping is?  Does she think I need to get my glasses updated?  Does she really have nothing else to talk about?

I don’t know but the ‘snow’ is still here and I’ll think twice about asking her over again.  What would have been way cool is if she had grabbed the broom and swept up the dog hair.  Do you know how hard that is?


akita dog hair snow