Stating the Obvious

OK this is why I don’t have people over.  It is a full time job taking care of Gpa and the house isn’t as tip top ship shape as it could be.  And I know it.  But I thought, well I’ll keep it to a low roar and friends would over look the bit of fluff. Right?

I had a couple of ladies over and had enough time to get Gpa to day care and mop the floor.  I was hoping to vacuum but my daughter had told me it’s broken.  I think it is full of Akita hair.  I just need to figure out how to get deep inside and get the hair out.

So one of my friends the one I had to tell not to tell the bathroom story, mentioned the ‘snow’ on my floor.  So then I had to talk about the vacuum cleaner.

Is she telling me how smart she is?  How lousy my housekeeping is?  Does she think I need to get my glasses updated?  Does she really have nothing else to talk about?

I don’t know but the ‘snow’ is still here and I’ll think twice about asking her over again.  What would have been way cool is if she had grabbed the broom and swept up the dog hair.  Do you know how hard that is?


akita dog hair snow

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