Clint Eastwood’s Humor

I had heard that Clint Eastwood talked to a chair and the National Convention.  I figured he tried to be funny and it fell flat.

Then SNL spoofed it and he appeared on Ellen.  He said people thought he was senile.  Which was my other option.  But he said he was just having fun.

I can relate.  Sometimes, my humor is only appreciated by me.  Or more correctly, only understood by me.

My brain is always thinking and trying to come up with connections.  Invariably, I’ll connect two very separate things. So I see humor where others don’t.   And it only makes things worse if I try to explain.

Here’s an old example.  I was watching a Steve McQueen movie with my then husband and his friend.  This is one where Steve plays a teen who is tracking his parents murderers. UM he looked middle-aged and the woman playing his mother looked like she could be his daughter.

Anyway he gets himself put on a chain gain because that is where 2 of the murderers are.  Then he befriends Suzanne Pleshette and has her help them escape.  They are in a canoe and it gets tumped over.  Steve starts shooting the men aiming below the water.

I start laughing.  The guys watching the movie with me just stare at me.  This is not a funny scene.

It is if you connect it with Bugs Bunny getting shot and then drinking glass of water and all the water pours out.  In this case the guys get shot and the water pours in.

See I told you that it would be hard to get even if I explained it.

Well, Gpa and I have some funny things we do that other people don’t get.  That suits me just fine.  It was for our entertainment anyway.

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