I have considered Gpa and I transplanted to where we are now.  We had been living in the north part of town and now we are as far south and east as we can get and still live in the same town.

I didn’t want to leave the activities that I had last year but did.  I have kept in touch with a few people and have been known to visit my old church.

In the last year, after visiting a number of churches, we attend the one associated with the community garden where I have a plot.  We also participate in the food pantry harvest each week.

The local library has a great room for juggling and I now teach there 2 times a week.  It is fun to watch the kids include Gpa.  He has tossed a bean bag and last week a ring to someone.  I consider him my oldest student.  My youngest has been 2.

Now we are performing music at the church and in the garden.

I have always thought of being transplanted as a temporary thing.  But if you transplant a plant, y0u expect it to take root an thrive.

And that is exactly what we are doing.  We are putting down roots and thriving.  I am glad we transplanted where we have.  Everyone we meet loves Gpa and helps me take care of him.  They take care of me, too.

A friend mentioned the other day that she didn’t think Gpa would still be here if we hadn’t made the change.  I won’t dwell on that thought, but she might be right.


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