Juggling Class Fun

Gpa goes to juggling class with me because I call it a ride.  Then we stay for class.  The library is only 5 miles from the house so there are days he looks at me as if to say.  “That was a short ride.”

Usually he’ll spend his time looking out the window or trying to leave.  Every once in a while, when I am waiting for students, I’ll toss him a bean bag.

The best is when the kids interact with him.

Last night a student didn’t want to do what we were doing.   He wanted to go straight for the rings, but I wanted to wait until the half way mark.  Then I got the idea to have him toss a bean bag to Gpa.  Which they had fun doing.  Then another boy asked if he could toss a scarf to Gpa.  Um scarves are hard to toss, but I said he could try.

They all, including Gpa laughed when the scarf landed on his head.

I am so glad I am able to bring Gpa to class with me.  This type of interaction can’t be planned, it’s just part of going with the flow and enjoying the moment.

Which is the thing I have to keep relearning, even before Gpa got dementia.

This moment is the only one we have.  What are we doing with it?

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