Scavanger Hunt

I was right that Gpa would be up all night last night.  Partially because of the change in routine and partially because I let him have coffee in the evening.  Oh and I think also partially because of the rain.

I on the other hand, was so tired, I only got up have the times he did.  I could hear him roaming around but I couldn’t get my self up.

Here are something things I found out of place.  I do not know yet if I found them all.

Clothes in the tub.

Toilet brush on the floor, not in it’s holder.

Gpa wearing mis-matched shoes. One clog has a strap and the other doesn’t.

Chicken bones on kitchen chair.  Argh! one of the dogs got them.  No adverse reaction so far, but keeping watch.

Belt in the bed.

Wipes warmer in the sink

I hope Gpa had a good time.


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