Returning to Five

When we are 5, before we go to school, we are all dancers, singers, artists, firemen, and astronauts.  Oh and a myriad of other things.  Whatever our hearts desire.  It is who we are, not what we do.  Then somewhere along the line, in life, we get defined by what others think those things are.  If they do not think we are good at dancing, singing, creating art, fighting fires, going to the moon, then we aren’t or can’t do those things.

And we believe them.  Oh, what a shame.

At juggling practice I tell the students (no matter what their age) that I have 2 rules.  1. to have fun, if you are not having fun, come see me and we’ll find something fun to do.  2. it’s OK to drop, if you drop, pick it up and try again.

Last night we had a potluck/sing-a-long at the church I attend. I didn’t tell the attendees the rules, even so, they had fun and they sang.  We are going to have these events every month.

Why? because I like to sing and so do others that I have met.  And if I can figure out how to add dancing, art, fighting fires, and journeys to the moon, we ‘ll do that too.  Also (as Gpa likes to say)

Oh and he enjoys it, too.  and that makes me happy as well.


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