Can You Practice a Sing a Long?

If you are singing a long how can it be practice?

Sometimes during Tuesday morning harvest, I’ll practice the music I plan to perform at the sing a longs.  Today was one of those days.

Gpa sang, “la la la”, a couple of times.

Then he wanted to go to the toilet.  While there I kept singing and one of the songs I sang was jingle bells.  I thought it was simple enough for him to follow along.

It wasn’t until we got back to the pavilion that he sang some words that I could understand.  It was a part of Jingle Bells, I hadn’t gotten too!

It is always great to me when we tap into some of Gpa’s memories.

Becky thinks that the horse back ride may have had something to do with Gpa’s interaction today.  She could be right.

Oh, and the girls tell me that they plan to get me on a horse when I’m 100. That may be the next time I do so.  We’ll see.


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