Mental Illness

We treat mental illness the worst.  We understand, barely, sometimes that dementia is something the afflicted person cannot help.

However, we tell depressed people to ‘get over it’.  We blame schizophrenics for the actions they take that the voices they heard them tell them too.  Really?  How do you discern what thoughts you should carry out and which ones you should not?

How many people have said in hindsight, “it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

It has been hard to watch Gpa’s decline.  Though I do see glimmers if  I am paying attention.  And for the most part he is happy.

I sang a part of Jingle Bells while taking him to the bathroom at the garden.  When we got back to the pavilion, he finished where I left off!

When we were getting ready for juggling practice today, he stopped and looked me in the eye and told me I was a beautiful lady.

I’m glad someone thinks so.  I have been spending most of my time doing the basic minimum routine so I know my skin is flaky and my hair is pretty crazy.  But they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I told him thank you.  It was nice he noticed.

Lillie has a friend that has several issues and is now wanting to focus on her depression, maybe even go into an in patient program.  Her doctors are trying different drugs, which are making her sleep and her parents think she can pull herself out of the depression on her own without the program.

UM, what skills or experience does she have to do this? Has she done this successfully before? All of this young woman’s stress relieving strategies are self destructive.

She was supposed to call me after her doctor’s appointments today, which ended at 3pm.  But she didn’t.  I thought about it while getting ready for juggling.  I thought, I’ll keep my phone on me and pick up.  But she never called and I haven’t thought about it again until now.

I do hope she is all right.

I can’t fix Gpa and I can’t fix Lillie’s friend.  It’s situations like this that  make me wonder why love isn’t enough?  And if love isn’t enough, what is?   I stand here and watch them slip away.

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