Officially 101

Yesterday Gpa had his birthday.  We took him to the Chihuly exhibit at the Arboretum.  All around the park there were spiky glass things that looked like tall birthday candles.  Pockets of them here and there.  Different colors and we decided that there must be at least 101 of them.  The park is a big birthday cake for Gpa.

It was almost too warm, but we’d seek shade and rest.  There was also a pumpkin festival with little houses to enjoy.  And when Gpa was ready to go, he’d wave me over and ask to go.  He’d also say, “Don’t leave me.”

We go harvest for the food pantry today and them I’m coming home to rest.  All this partying has worn me out!  Oh and the house is trashed.  I have laundry soaking and bags of presents to find a home for.  But I’m waiting until I put his new clothes on for the party at the garden.

Gpa and blue chihuly

Gpa and blue chihuly

family at arboretum
family at arboretum

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