Particularly Elizabeth

I never know what Gpa is going to say.  Which makes talking to him fun.

A couple of days ago when we got into the car, he said he would pay me for the ride.  I asked him what would he pay me.  He answered, “candy, a cookie, coffee and whiskey.”  then he laughed at the whiskey.

I asked him how he drinks his whiskey.  He answered, “By the gallon full.”

We both laughed.

Tonight, as I was waiting for him to finish in the bathroom.  I asked his name.  He got it right.  When I asked him my name, he answered ‘Dororthy.”  I told him “Laura” and he said, “Oh, yes.”

So I started saying other names,  my mom, Gma’s, and then I started saying his sisters names.  I said those are your sisters.  He perked up at Elizabeth.  “Particularly Elizabeth”

She was 12 years older than him and he talked about her the most.  I wish I knew more family stories.

And why Elizabeth seems to be his favorite. (besides the fact that she’d play piano for him and put paper between the keys and strings)

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