Daily Bucket List

I know that we are supposed to make a list of things we want to achieve in our lives.  Big things like climbing mountains, traveling the world, having great relationships.

But I also think the daily items are important too. Do you enjoy each day or groan that it is Monday?  Since taking care of Gpa, I don’t have a weekend.  So Monday is just as good as Saturday.

On Gpa’s daily bucket list are in no particular order a cup of coffee, a cookie and a drive with a pretty driver.  (He says it not me)

Good thing he thinks I’m pretty.

I plan to give him these things daily until the day he dies.  I still have the goal of beating his sister, who lived to 105.

But last night, I saw something that he’s not able to articulate.  We were at our now monthly sing a long.  It was a small group so small that I was the only St. Augustine’s performing.  The event was very informal and we stayed in the kitchen.  Becky asked that we get the words to In the Garden.  It was on the sheet as a solo and I haven’t gotten around to adding it.

However, at one time Gpa had told me it is his favorite song.  So I sang it solo, a Capella .  He had been distracting, playing with his coffee cup, wheeling over to the food, etc.  As soon as I started singing,  he wheeled over to me all excited and tried to join me in the chorus.

Singing this and other songs to him will be added to the list even though he hasn’t verbalized it.  It just took the joy on his face to add it. It is a simple thing really.  Easy to do and makes him so happy.

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