A New Girlfriend

Last night at juggling class there were only 3 regulars.  Then a little boy peaked in and I asked him if he’d like to learn to juggle.

He said yes. I asked if his mom was at the library?


Please let her know you are here in the juggling class.

He went to get her.  She was glad that I checked that she knew where he was.  Then she left to go back into the library.

Gpa went out the open door and followed her.  She made it to the library proper.  She didn’t know he was following her.  Gpa was still in the lobby area when I caught up to him.

When I tried to wheel him around, he put his feet down and asked me “What the HE** are you doing?”  The volunteer closest to the door, looked up.

I could not get Gpa to pick up his feet so I started dragging him backwards.  He fussed all the way back to juggling.

I guess he had found a new girlfriend.  One worth following.    Sorry Gpa, I can’t keep up with all the ladies you have on the line now.

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