A Lonely Man

Thursday was a busy and bustling day.  Full of family, fun and food.

Friday was the complete opposite.  All I wanted was a nap.

Didn’t get it.

Gpa was very restless.  Going from one room to the next.  If he took a nap, it was for about 5 min.  I’d get settled and here he’d come.

Took him for two rides.  One I cut short because he kept popping the seat belt off.

Early Saturday morning, he said he had to talk to me.  I thought he was going to ask for a cookie.  But he didn’t.  He repeated that he wanted to talk to me sometime.

Sounded serious.

I stopped what I was doing and gave him my full attention.

“I’m lonely.  I’m a lonely man.”

Broke my heart.

“Do I have any relations, and family?”

OH, is this what was going on yesterday?

“Yes, I’m your granddaughter.”

“You?  You are family?  I am so happy.  So happy.”

Again, broke my heart.

It doesn’t take much for Gpa to be happy.  A cup of coffee, a cookie, a ride in the car,  family to love and be loved.


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