Just a Matter of Time part 2

The day care was concerned with what looked like fluid retention around Gpa’s waist.  I called it in and the doctor prescribed a diuretic.  I was to give Gpa one pill in the morning.

I had planned to pick up the pills that night but I was tired and hungry and there were 3 cars in line.  So I figured I’d get the pills in the morning.

I also was concerned at what we’ve been forcing Gpa’s body to do.  He was dehydrated and we pump a bunch of bags of IV fluids into him.  If that is what the fluid was.  I’m not sure as it was 3 days after returning from the hospital.  Where had this fluid been?

And now we were going to force the fluid to leave his body.

I’m not sure how his body would have reacted but I would have been “Make up your mind already!”

Well, he got up around 2 am and had a cookie and I took him to the bathroom.  He wasn’t as swollen.  He was very wet and I had to change his sheets.

I figured, we’d see if this was still the case in the morning.  It was.  So he didn’t get the pill.

I gotta go.  He’s asking for a cookie.


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