Thoughts on a Violin

In the fifth grade, we were introduced to orchestra instruments.  If we wanted to play, we needed to pick one out.

I wanted to play the violin.

My parents said no.

I am tone deaf.

My dad’s dad played violin tone deaf and it was awful.

I wouldn’t know.

He died before I was born.

There are stern looking pictures of him at my parents wedding.

Dad didn’t like to talk about him so I don’t really have a clue on who he was.

I do know about the violin.  I also know that he was involved in church.  So we have 2 things in common.  I do hope that he wasn’t so stern that he never laughed or saw the lighter side of life.  I like to think that we might have had a relationship built from the things we loved in common.

I think my parents told me to pick a different instrument.

If they did.  I told them no.

I only had eyes for the violin.

When my kids were little, my brother in law heard I’d like to learn the guitar.  He had one he wasn’t using.  He gave it to me and I’d practice in the hall after the kids were in bed.

A few years ago a fellow juggler told me he was playing the ukulele, we have 4 fingers and the uke has 4 strings.

I got one and learned to play.

Last week a friend gave me a flyer on a sale from the symphony orchestra.  It is a fund raiser.

My fifth grade self jumped up and down for joy.  I could get a good instrument, a better instrument than I would pay for.

I had a friend’s daughter give me a lesson so I’d have an idea of what to look for and if I really wanted to pursue the violin.

I have some books at the library waiting for me to pick up tonight.  In the mean time, I’ve been checking out internet for what to do with the violin.

I don’t regret that it took 40 years to finally get one.  1st, my fifth grade self did not have the discipline to practice. 2nd she wasn’t allowed to make mistakes, 3rd my parents won’t have to hear any screeching as I learn.

What I would have regretted is if I hadn’t listened and get one now.

and it gives me something to do at 2 am when Gpa gets up for his cookie.

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  • catterel  On December 11, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    Wonderful – good luck with your new instrument, and I hope you can soon get a tune out of it. I bet Gpa will probably enjoy your efforts!

  • Mitchell Norton  On December 12, 2012 at 5:51 am

    How exciting! I have recently bought a violin as well. I wanted to learn the violin but my parents never bought me one either. I will follow your new experience. If you want you can follow mine too at . Good luck!

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