1:30 a.m. Barber Shop

I am not a good barber.  Gpa complains when being shaved, so I stopped.  This is probably the first time he’s ever had facial hair.

No I take that back.  I found some old pictures where he had a mustache.  Weird.

I’ve let his beard alone so long, he’s beginning to look like a skinny Santa.

I’ve also been meaning to soak his feet.   He’s got stuff between his toes and his feet are swollen from lack of circulation.  They just look like they’d like a good soak.

The other night, he kept saying he wanted to get up.  Ralph had come to see him.  Ralph comes a lot so I would just pat his arm and say in a little bit, we’ll get up.

Then he said, “There’s Eula! Hello, Eula!”  Eula is his baby sister.

I’ve heard of family members who have passed coming for a loved one.  Gpa reported that Gma said, “There’s Poppa!”  Later we found out that is what she called her father.

It felt strange to have the room filling up with people who have gone on.

Then I thought about his face and feet.  So I got him up and gave him a trim.  He looks so much better.  Not the best as that would have him clean-shaven.

Then I got a bucket and filled it with warm water.  I had to get a towel and while I was gone, Gpa had had a great time splashing his feet in the water.

Water was everywhere .  I had to change his pants,  they were drenched.

He was so happy.

Ralph came again last night but not Eula.

So maybe its just his dementia.

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